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Don't Accept What Doesn't Serve You.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Growth is inevitable. Especially early in our careers. As talent it is wise to acknowledge growth and move with it.

Do not accept circumstances that no longer serve you in service of routine. This may instead result in stagnancy.

As is the natural way of life, the more we practice and participate in things, the more we grow. This means we are bound to constantly be outgrowing situations that are no longer the best fit for our success. From the type of sites we work on, to how much we accept for certain jobs, to clients we work with, to groups we're a part of, to agents, to CRMs, to coaches - the list goes on.

We may not always grow away from these things, but we are capable of outgrowing everything - we have to be ready for that to happen. The worst thing as talent is growing stagnant, and believing that if we’re stuck, we will always be.

One of the greatest joys we have as both talent and business owners is the fact that we are able to grow! We have that CHOICE. The choice to wake up every day and seek out further knowledge, create better working relationships, and facilitate more success for ourselves.

So remember that next time you feel stuck. Ask yourself these two questions:

1 - What in my life have I grown out of that might be restricting my growth now?

2 - How can I make changes to align with my current goals?

This week I’m having to remind myself too. It’s okay to change. Change can be good. It can open new doors we’ve been just WAITING to step through.

Good luck out there my lovely voiceover friends! - Aiden

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