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How can I help?

By offering expertise that can only come from an incredible

dedication to learning and a true "give a sh*t" mentality.

Anything I do, I do with a vested interest in it's success.

I love the creative process, it brings me so much joy.

I also care about the people I work with, so clear and

effective communication is a priority.  

Throughout my nearly 14 years in the performance industry I've worked both as and with talent from theatre, to film, to voice over. I caught the casting bug after doing a workshop piece called "In-Tea-Macy" with Theatre Terrific back in 2020 where we as a team auditioned talent from across Canada to find our perfect cast. Since then, I've transitioned solely into voice over (as this is holistically my true passion in life). I started off doing casting for indie games - assisting personal clients of mine who would ask "do you know where I can find someone like this?". Recently I've had the privilege of assisting One Line Studios as a Casting Associate which has expanded my knowledge of working with agents, and union projects.


I have a wide and growing range of contacts. From new and well establish actors, to producers, directors, and agents. I'm always happy to chat with prospective clients about what might be the best fit for your project based on budget, scope, and goals. 


Let’s Work Together

Feel free to shoot me a message so we can get started finding you some amazing talent!

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Thanks for reaching out!

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