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Direct Marketing: Stop Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall.

There is a big, noticeable difference between marketing yourself to clients, and blanket irrelevance. Smart marketing is knowing WHO you’re marketing to and making the effort to engage on a relevant, human level. It’s not a box to check off.

I’ve received 2 emails this past week that were virtually the same. One celebrating Canada Day, the other - Independence Day in the US. At one time, a popular way to market oneself was to send virtual or physical holiday cards to stay "top of mind" in the industry.

But in this day and age, it feels incredibly impersonal.

Now some of you may be going “But Aiden - someone took the time to send you something! You should be grateful!” Well... here’s where we need to be clear about the difference between being on someone’s mind, and being on an automatic email list.

For me, these emails didn't even try to hide it. Both said nothing more than “Happy ______ day!” - no personal story attached; not a single reason to connect; just “happy whatever”.

If you’re going to celebrate something, be all means --

DO! With family, friends, on social media, to specific people. Social media is a great place to develop a social presence and tell the world who are, what you're up to, etc.

DON'T clog up someone’s professional inbox because your CRM told you to add your contacts to a generic holiday greeting list to stay “top of mind” with your direct marketing. 🚩🚩🚩

It leaves you a complete stranger, that’s just wasted another complete stranger’s time. It’s not productive. In fact it can be the opposite.

I know I’m not the only one who keeps my email well organized to keep it from becoming too busy. If it’s that way for me? Just imagine how full time casting; agents; production companies would feel if you sent them emails that had no relevance - it would get deleted without a second glance, or it could contribute to something important getting lost in the shuffle.

The last thing you want is to become yet another email someone has to unsubscribe to. For me, knowing that I’ve been added to a blanket list and sent an email void of personality for the sole purpose of “staying top of mind” is a such a waste of an opportunity to connect.

In a day and age where companies far and wide are sending out endless waves of emails, competing for space in your inbox, aren’t we tired of this by now?

It is exhausting to be on the receiving end of.

Something to get in the practice of as talent, is understanding that everyone’s time is valuable. And everyone is capable of feeling this exhaustion too.

If you’re going to take up space in someone’s day - make sure you’re respectful in how you do it.

Here are some better ways to go about this:

- Research before outreach. (Like possibly country of residence…)

- Offer something about you so you’re not a stranger!

- Be clear on intent so expectations are understood.

- Ask a question - people want to help!

Another really simple option is to engage with folks on social media who’s work you enjoy to develop a personal or working connection first. I promise you that goes much farther than a “happy whatever” email from a stranger.

In summary - Be careful how you market yourself.

Updating clients on what’s going on in your business via newsletter is one thing. But most people won’t want to be the wall you throw your CRM spaghetti at.

Some 🍝 for thought.

Good luck out there my lovely voiceover friends!


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