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Raw Studio Sample Guide

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Voice Actors - new and experienced:

Are you curious if your raw studio sample is in the right format, or if you've covered all the bases? Are you scratching your head and thinking "what's a raw studio sample?" If you're at all unsure, I've created a resource for you.

If there's one thing I've learned along my journey, it's that there is vast range of audio literacy among voice talent. I know not all of us have access, or even know where to go to learn much of this. So I wanted to help close that gap for some of you.

I've taken the time to create a document that contains:

1. WHAT a Raw Studio Sample is

2. HOW to create one

3. WHY we need them

4. EXAMPLES of 'good'/'bad' samples

It also explains some terminology you'll come across so you can better understand your audio overall.

As talent with home studios, we are in control of our audio. It really helps the whole team when we understand how to do that.

Huge thank you to @JustRandyGreer for taking the time to verify and add to this document to make it better.

Here's the link: Raw Studio Sample Guide

Happy learning! - Aiden


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