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Aiden Dawn
Toronto-Based Voice Talent

My voice that has been
described as...

WryYouthfulTrustworthy IntelligentQuirky, and Relatable.

But don't just take my word for it - let me prove it to ya!

Commercial Demo
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Animation Demo
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Video Game Demo
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e-Learning Demo 1
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Singing Demo
00:00 / 01:21
Corporate Demo
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Narration Demo
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RAW Audio + Noise Floor
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e-Learning Demo 2
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IVR Demo
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Let's Talk Specs:

Mic: Neumann TLM 102

Interface: Motu M4

DAW: LogicPro

Booth: Rock-wool and Acoustic Foam sound treated vocal booth (-60dB noise floor)

Directed Sessions: Skype, Zoom, Phone, Source Connect, ADR Capable 

Delivery Formats: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 24 bit, MP3, WAV, AIFF

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AMI Artist Management


Noelle Jenkinson

Voice Over


Phil Flagler

Film/TV, Theatre, Commercial


Wehmann Voice 

(Minneapolis, MN

Amy Oppegaard

Voice Over


AB2 Talent

(Los Angeles, CA) 

Andrea Beane

Voice Over

Recent Clients Include:

CIBC, Nissan, CarGurus, Spin Master Ltd., ONE Canada, The Canadian Museum of History, iGlobe, Lilith Games, Domini Games, Grande Cheese

NDA! (2).png

Work Samples:


"So...what is 'About The Voice'?"


You've heard those amaaaazing voices right? You know it when you hear it - but you can't quite put your finger on just what it is that makes it so special. I believe that has to do with everything that goes into a voice (what it's about). 


Hi -  I'm Aiden, and I'm About The Voice.


I'm about the philosophy that there is SO much more to a voice than what we hear. How a story is told, and what's going on inside of the human being when it is being told is what makes it. I'm about the nuances, mannerisms, and colour of a voice - they tell us so much more than what we say verbally, which is why I think it's so important to take it from this perspective. People with those amazing voices all understand this. 

I've also got years of training under my belt as both an actor and a singer. My strong vocal technique and ability to inhabit many different character types through my understanding of vocal placements makes me a truly versatile performer. 

But more specifically - I'm a Canadian (Métis) performer, and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community (she/her). Graduating a program in Musical Theatre Performance right into the pandemic (April 2020) and knowing that there would be a long wait before I could be on stage again, this put a fast track on a career I’d been dreaming about since I was a little girl watching cartoons on VHS. Voiceover. After nearly three years working and building, I now spend my days working from my home studio full time.  


I spend my free time playing video games, and spending time with loved ones... but let's be honest - most times you'll catch me spending "free time" in the booth researching and working on my craft. It truly is my happy place. 


I’m also a big sister to 3, smart, stinky little brothers. Being an older sibling, you take on a certain amount of responsibility and learn certain skillsets early on. This taught me how much I enjoy helping people. So whether you’ve been casting voices for years and need someone reliable, or you’re new to the business and looking to work with people who are willing to listen and point you in the right direction - my goal is to work with you to create an amazing product so that you can rest easy knowing your art is in good hands.

How would I describe myself? Probably something like… Gracefully thriving in my awkward phase. 


Meet Boothbee:

Boothbee's Gentle Reminders.jpeg

My inanimate booth companion.

Because everyone needs a little bundle of joy in the booth, right? 

Long days holed up in the booth can get a little lonely, which is why I think a lot of voice talent likes to have some sort of object around (whether it be a toy, or stuffed animal) to keep them company. Boothbee helps remind me to take care of myself, and not take things too seriously. Plus his puns are top shelf!

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